Marry in Hong Kong: Documents, Particulars Required and To-Do

Marriage Registration in Hong Kong: over 10000 couples Married at our Wedding Halls since 2006

Foreigners can get married in Hong Kong. Civil Celebrants are Hong Kong lawyers. Many Americans, Europeans, Filipinos, Indonesians and other nationals have obtained their legal marriage licenses through our marriage registration services.  They may register and celebrate legal marriages at law offices and issue marriage certificate with legal effect equal to the Marriage Registry, Hong Kong Government. The biggest advantage of engaging us is the bride and groom have a wide choice of decorated wedding halls as wedding venues.

We are a Hong Kong law firm and have more than 20 legally recognised civil celebrant of marriages. Our civil celebrant of marriages are capable of registering a valid and legal marriage for you and your lover. Every single month, over 500 couples get married at our law offices with our one-stop simple & speedy marriage service i.e. from filing marriage notices (at Marriage Registry) to wedding celebrations. We provide English speaking wedding and most important of all and so you get every legal and romantic need from us:

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Over 20,000 couples married at our Wedding Halls since 2006 !


Starting with HKD1900 only. Sat, Sundays and Holidays require a higher fees. Please check with us (marriage registration & Govt fee incl. ) 




You are required to come to our office in weekdays (Monday - Friday) during our office time. We don't open Sundays or holidays for processing Notice. Sundays and holidays are for Weddings ONLY. Our fees are inclusive or packaged with Marriage Notice + Marriage License + Wedding Hall Venue. Weddings on Saturday or Sunday require extra payments. Please inquire with us.

TWO stages to complete a legal marriage

  1. Stage 1 : file your Notice of Intention to Marry 
    This must be done ONE MONTH before your wedding. This is done at OUR OFFICE. ONLY ONE OF YOU is required to come. NO NEED TO BE BOTH.

    Documents: please bring your PASSPORT with a VALID VISA (HKID card if any), your fiancee's PASSPORT COPY. We also need your particulars on addresses etc when you  
    come to do the Notice. When signing the Notice:  If either had a previous marriage, must having DIVORCE DOCUMENT for proof when signing the Notice.

  2. Stage 2 : Wedding/signing marriage certificate.

    Both come together to our office wedding hall to sign the marriage certificate. Bring original Passports with a valid entry/staying visa, HKID (if any). You get the marriage certificate immediately after signing, same day, same occasion with no delay or no waiting.

How Much? Charges:


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