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Casual Wear Wedding at our Wide Network of Offices: Simple and low fee

Time Frame: 2-stage Process for getting married in Hong Kong - 25 to 40 days Required


The pictures are taken from our Lavender wedding hall at Wanchai address. Marrying in Hong Kong is a 2-stage process:

  1. signing Notice of Intended Marriage. This document can be signed by one of the intending marrying parties and it is an ideal to allow about 30 days between this and the Big Day.
  2. marriage solemnisation. On this Big Day, you would sign your marriage certificate or marriage license with wedding held by our civil celebrant of marriages.

Time between (1) and (2) is from 25 days to 40 days depending on the situation of the marrying couple.

Over 10 decorated wedding halls for choice distributed in HK
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