Casual Wear Wedding at our Wide Network of Offices: Simple and low fee
Civil Celebrants Charges Begin with $1900 all inclusive on marriage registration. Extra fees on on Sky Garden & Sakura Romance

Marriage Solemnization: Experienced, convenience, simple & low cost

Our civil celebrants have handled thoudsands of weddings in the past.  

  • We are well experienced and familiar with the entire process.
  • Intending marrying couple can attend our office during office hours without the need of making a prior appointment. They may sign the notice of intended marriage on the same day.
  • Because the entire process is handled by us, they need not quene up at the Marriage Registry. Nor they have to compete for "red lucky" days.
  • Inexpensive, simple, convenient and friendly
  • decorated wedding halls included.
Over 10 decorated wedding halls for choice distributed in HK
Contact: 82099999 or WhatsApp/Mobile phone 94899800