Marriage Solemnization: Experienced, convenience, simple & low cost
Civil Celebrant of Marriages with wide and long Experience in Wedding Ceremonies

Civil Celebrants Charges Begin with $1900 all inclusive on marriage registration. Extra fees on on Sky Garden & Sakura Romance

Office Hours in Weekdays (Mon-Fri) is the lowest 櫻之戀結婚證婚禮堂-4

Marriage celebrated at our office during office hours is $1900 in total (inclusive $305 to the Marriage Registry). Mongkok outdoor Sky Garden is $2200, Sheung Shui Sakura Romance (right side image) is $2500.

Saturday afternoons, Sunday and Holidays : $2900

Couple has to pay additionally if wedding held at non-office hours and if either of them is under 18. Sundays or Holidays or Sat Afternoons : $2900. Note the special charges on 2 special wedding venues: Sky Garden and Sakura Romance.


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